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15 June 2009 @ 03:51 pm
First of all
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY michelita1713

and then
anyone who was wondering, I was in hospital for 5 days. Last Wednesday my stomach ache became unbearable and I couldn't sleep. They did lots and lots of examinations and then came up with nothing. Well, almost. I'm too stressed an they gave me a very light version of xanax, and the shrink said it's going to go away after a while. I just need 'to relax'

well, thank you. I still feel a bit blah, but it's better than last week. If this is all my brain or something, at least it's under control now.
So beware, I'm crazy :/

also, I have to study, cause I kinda fell behind schedule with this whole business. Well, let's not stress... right?

05 June 2009 @ 11:58 am
It's not fun.
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04 June 2009 @ 04:59 pm
So. after months of suffering with my stomach I'm going to have a gastroscopy tomorrow.


I'm freaked out as hell. My mum said it's not that bad, but I still don't feel so good about it. It's still a stupid tube-thingie going down my throat. *shivers*

but I just can't keep functioning on biscuits and tea for eternity so I guess... I'll behave like a good grown-up and go.

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21 May 2009 @ 10:00 am
haven't written in a while now. I had this stupid exam, that was... let's just say, that I studied way WAY too much for it. Well, considering the grade I got. I asked the teacher to ask me some more questions, so you know, he can see that I actually learned all this shit, but he just said something like if he asks more, my grade would just be worse or something. yeah... okay.

asshole. and the thing that really bugs me, is that other people studied for like 2-3 days for it and got the same grade as me. from my notes, of course.

anyhoo. Watched Glee promo episode last night, and I quite liked it:) I'm a sucker for stupid shows, that got high school student singers in it (well, not High School Musical, that was just... oh god no.) But this seems interesting and they said that there will be 2 or 3 songs in every episode, which is GREAT, cause they sound amazing:)

here are the two songs from this episode. I fucking love themCollapse )

in other news, barn-swallows are building their nest in my window. they look adorable:) also they get bird poo everywhere, but whatever. I don't want to disturb them, so no photos for now, but they're going to look something like thisCollapse )


and I'm not paying attention to F1 news anymore, because they're ridiculous. Why is Mosley so keen on cost-cutting? it's not him, who has to pay. and what's so good about watching no name teams crowding on the track? (Wirth Research, Lola, USF1, Epsilon Euskadi, RML, Formtech, Campos, iSport... articles said that they are willing to join if the costs are cut, well yay. never heard of them) I just don't get it. Aren't there more fans of Ferrari/Mclaren/Renault whatever and what's more important, isn't there more money from them? If they leave, who's going to watch F1. which won't be be formula 1 anymore. more like GP3 or something like that.
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10 May 2009 @ 02:38 pm
Fuck it all to hell.
unreliable stupid cars. when he said just before the start on his radio that his KERS button was wrong, I already knew he won't be able to finish this race.

but he did good anyway, had a really good start from 16th to 10th. that's something. for me, anyway.

meh. this was a horrible weekend for him. Schumi is like a bad omen hanging over his head.
I'm too disappointed to be really angry.
going back studying, not watching this shit for brawnies.
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09 May 2009 @ 03:07 pm
I can't even.

What was this? When he was in 7th position I already told my dad that he's not going to make it to Q2, because THERE'S NO FUCKING TACTIC AT FERRARI!

what, they can only concentrate on one driver? They made this mistake with Massa, now they do it with Kimi?
what what WHAT?

and what makes it even more frustrating is that Massa managed to get the 4th position (maybe the car is very light but that doesn't matter now, does it?). When they finally show some development they make sure that Kimi doesn't get anything from it, because he's going to start the race from the fucking moon.

and I noticed, that as soon as he was out of the game I lost all interest in this shit.
it's really really sad.

I'm too fucking angry to think straight at the moment. I just read an article saying that Ferrari apologises to Raikkonen. Well, you can take your apology and stuck it back in your ass.
and I don't know how Kimi is handling all this shit that's happening there. I hope he's too drunk to care. Ferrari doesn't deserve anything better.
(and why exactly is Schumi taking up space in the box?)
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08 May 2009 @ 10:34 am

So. I decided, that it's okay to stay out of this twitter business.
back to studying.
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30 April 2009 @ 12:39 pm
There are about a million f*cking aspen trees in my home town. That's not really the problem. what is, is that the little cotton ball thingies that fall of them are GETTING EVERYWHERE. Especially in my eyes. And it seems that I'm allergic to them, cause my eyes are really really RED and I can't really open them properly.


not so fail
baking is still FUNCollapse )

after whining I'm going back studying. Promise...
26 April 2009 @ 04:02 pm


and I so hate our commentators for making Kimi's FUCKING GREAT JOB seem like nothing. Ooooh, Hamilton 4th! oooohkay, Kimi started from 10th and finished 6th.

and the fact that they are making Jenson the driver of the century isn't helping either. and it's not because I have anything against him, really it's just that for like two years I had to listen to them talking rubbish non-stop about Jenson and Rubens and how they should just retire. MAKE UP YOUR MIND STUPID ASSHOLES.

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25 April 2009 @ 06:05 pm
cut to save my f-listCollapse )

check out his HAIR. He's got gel in it. O.O I'm supposed to hate that... but.

I so wanna HIT THAT.
also, can you move that car a bit? I can't see him from that stupid red thingie:D
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